What we do

The body has an innate ability to heal itself, given the right circumstances. Those circumstances include dietary, environmental and lifestyle factors, some of which are within our control and some are not. A clinical, holistic nutritionist can help the body heal itself by identifying and removing obstacles that prevent the body from returning to health, and by encouraging the patient to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious foods, exercise, stress management techniques and other lifestyle modifications.

I believe that it is important to get to the root cause of your symptoms and not just treating the symptom. If we don’t find out why a symptom came up, it’s likely to return after a while because the cause of it has not been addressed

The Consultation

During the consultation, I will ask you lots of questions about your lifestyle, diet, personal and family medical history and we also explore the various body systems (e.g. digestive, endocrine, reproductive etc) to find out what may have caused or contributed to your disease. I look for signs of nutritional deficiencies and any other signs of the body not being in balance, and thus healthy. I will assess blood tests, if you have any recent ones, and may also suggest some additional diagnostic tests to you, if I feel that they will help us get to the root cause.

After the consultation, I work on your individual treatment plan that takes into account everything we have discussed. As a nutritionist, I focus on a wholefood nutritional approach, some lifestyle modification suggestions and, when necessary, some high quality, practitioner-only supplements. My aim is to bring your body back into balance and this is where nutrition plays a vital role. Every day, the body relies on macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) to perform a multitude of biochemical processes that are essential to life. When these nutrients are not consumed or consumed in incorrect ratios, low energy and disease can be the consequence. This is especially the case, when we are also stressed, don’t exercise enough, are exposed to lots of chemicals/pesticides etc. and don’t have enough joy in our lives, which is why I address lifestyle factors as well.

Ultimately I want to empower you to find out more about your condition and what you can do to improve your health.

Initial Consultation (60 minutes) - $190

During our consultation, I take a thorough case history, which includes an exploration of your current symptoms, your personal and family medical history, and your diet and lifestyle. We also explore various body systems in-depth to gain a better understanding of your overall health. We will discuss your goals and what you hope to get out of the consultation. If necessary, I’ll refer you for some relevant pathology tests and/or ask you to keep a diet/symptom diary.

Possible additional costs: Pathology tests & Supplements

Follow-Up/Report of Findings Consultation (45 minutes) - $150

In this consultation, we will discuss your treatment plan and test results. I believe that is best to discuss your plan in person (or via telehealth) to explain to you the suggested strategies, dietary modifications, lifestyle changes and the rationale behind the supplements (if any were prescribed). We will also discuss whether the suggested changes will be acceptable to you and achievable – if not, we’ll work on how we can make the plan more achievable.

Possible additional costs: Pathology tests & Supplements

Return Consultations – (30 minutes) $120*

A first return consultation would ideally be scheduled for about 2-4 weeks after your follow-up consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your progress and your treatment plan and make adjustments as necessary. We will also address any new health concerns and make a plan on how to move forward.

*30 minutes is generally sufficient for a return consult but if you feel that you would like more time or have significant other issues to discuss, it might be better to book in for 45 minutes.

Possible additional costs: Pathology tests & Supplements

Personalised Food Plans

Some people like personalised food plans that outline exactly what they can eat and what they need to buy. The benefit of such plans is that they can help you reach your goals faster and help you stay on track with regards to your food intake. Your personalised food plan
  • Includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 7 days
  • Has lots of variety
  • Is tailored to your requirements and/or food intolerances
  • Is macronutrient balanced in the right ratios for you
  • Is suitable to the whole family
  • Contains easy-to-follow and delicious recipes
These plans are available to both new and existing clients but new clients will have to do an initial consultation before, as I can otherwise not ensure that the plans are suitable to your specific needs. For existing clients, the cost includes a 15-minute consultation to ensure that the plan contains meals you enjoy and that are suitable for the whole family (if applicable).

For existing clients: $75 for 7 day plan (includes 15 minute consultation)
For new clients: $195 for 7 day plan (includes initial 60 minute consultation)

3 or 6 months Program Options

These options are great if you have a chronic health concern, as it will often take a few weeks/months to make transformative changes. It will give us some time to really get to the bottom of your concerns and work on tailored solutions for your healing journey.

What is included?
  • One initial extended consultation (90 minutes) – valued at $150
  • Follow-up appointment (45 minutes) after 7-14 days
  • 2 extended return consultations (45 minutes) if booking a 3 months program
  • 5 extended return consultations (45 minutes) if booking a 6 months program
  • 1 tailored 7-day meal plan for 3 months program and 2 tailored 7-day meal plans for 6 months program
  • Regular email contact with me in between consultations if you have any questions or concerns (normally charged at $30 per 15 minutes of the time spent responding to your query)
$440 for 3 months
$630 for 6 months
If payment is made upfront, a 10% discount will be applied.

Pre-conception Program

This is a programme designed for women who would like to conceive in the near future and want to prepare themselves for a healthy and successful pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy egg and sperm, and as it takes roughly 3 months for the egg and sperm to mature, you should ideally commence your preconception care 3 months, if not 6 months, prior to wanting to fall pregnant. Preconception improves the health outcome for both mother and baby and generally leads to lower risk pregnancies, so it is well worth investing in it!

What does the programme include?
  • 1 x 75-minute initial consultation to review your current health, discuss your conception plans and how you can best prepare your body for pregnancy. You will be given a basic treatment plan that is designed to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs and that also contains some suggested lifestyle changes. If you have not yet had any blood tests, we will suggest a number of tests that are beneficial to do at this stage. Ideally, you would also have a gut test at this stage to assess your gut health as good gut health is vitally important for a healthy pregnancy and for the baby (the mother passes her microbiome on to the baby!). It is likely that some supplements will also be recommended..
  • 1 x 45-minute follow-up consultation with your partner to review their current health and optimise male fertility. Ideally, this consultation would be scheduled soon, i.e. 5-7 days, post the initial consultation
  • 1 x 30 minutes return consultation where we discuss your more detailed treatment plan. This plan now takes into account your test results, your partner’s health and anything else we have discussed and that may impact on your chances to fall pregnant. This visit should ideally be scheduled for 7-14 days post the partner visit.
  • 2 x 30-minute return consultation during the next 2 months to review your progress and ensure that you are on the right track. At these visits, we will also review your menstrual cycle chart.
  • Regular email contact with me in between consultations if you have any questions or concerns (normally charged at $30 per 15 minutes of the time spent responding to your query)
You will be provided with:
  • A menstrual cycle chart
  • Resources and handouts on optimal preconception care and pregnancy
  • A 7 day meal plan to show you what foods should ideally be incorporated. Additional meal plans are available, but they will come at an additional price of $50 per plan.
Cost: $525 for 3 months